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Our regular Iberostar Hotel had a fire in 2015 and our travel agency(on-line) re-booked us at the Iberostar Maya. We got the shuffle by the staff and steered into the The Club people.

Samir went on about all the discounts I was going to get from the proposed price of $30+K to $18K. We went round and round and decided that the extended family could use the service. Later that night I told my wife we were not going to join. First 18K to join.

This was for 15 years. Then you still have to pay for the vacation. They say if you find it cheaper they will match it. Why do I have to look for a cheaper price?

I'm in The Club. I 'd get special this and that, but none of which makes my vacation any better. We went the next morning and told them to cancel. I had paid a deposit with a credit card.

They wanted a written letter of why. They said we still owed the sales tax on the contract. I told them no contract no sales tax. They said we told you yesterday you would have to pay the tax, etc.

if you cancelled. They said to come back as Samir wasn't there. We came back and he still wasn't there. Came back the next day and he was there and didn't know our name and started his fast talking.

I went to show him the Mexican law that I had told the others we spoke with that we didn't owe anything if we cancelled within 5 business days. (They had tried to tell me that that is what i thought. The man said this is Mexico. I said i know.

This is the Mexican Law.) and he went ballistic and left the room.We had to come back and talk to "legal". We came back and talked with a young lady, but she was not "legal". Next they get some man, American, who came in like Joe Smooth and told us we owed them $675 for champagne, wine and some toiletries. We never used any other stuff.

He gets hot with someone and yells why didn't you tell me this. Then he leaves the room. Then the man who said he was The Club manager of these people tells that the contract would be cancelled.(We had spoken to him a few times and he could have done that the first time we spoke with him.) All this was becasue we were told that this was an exclusive program only available to former repeat customers of Iberostar. Subsequently, I spoke with some people at the a pool and they had never stayed with Iberostar and were offered the same "deal".

We spoke about the supposed benefits and the lady said well they had already signed and I told them that they had 5 business days to cancel without penalty by Mexican Law. She and her daughter suddenly had to leave to pool to talk with friends who had also signed up. I don't know what they did after that. I must say that the hotel personnel who were not affiliated with The Club were very helpful and supportive.

I think that The Club may be a money maker for Iberostar. but in the long run will prove to be a very bad idea. With the exception of 2015 due to the fire at our regular(10 years at the same complex), we liked the Iberostar Quetzal.

This year there was so much time blocked out that we couldn't get rooms for a 2 week period in December so we opted not to go at all. This is probably the time to go elsewhere.

Product or Service Mentioned: Iberostar The Club Membership.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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We had the exact same experience right down to the threats and "This is Mexico" line. It is UNBELIEVABLE that Iberostar does not stop this behavior.

They tried to get us to pay the tax, the "extras" too. I told them where to go and we got everything back but they refused to honor the "gifts" for wasting an entire day listening to their ***. STAY CLEAR of this. I don't think we will ever return to an Iberostar property.

There are too many other fine companies with great properties and no CLUB assault. It is horrible.

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